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Where transparency meets fairness in healthcare staffing. Founded and led by practicing physicians, we understand the intricacies of both sides of the staffing equation. Our mission is to place outstanding doctors in facilities that need them, ensuring a fair deal for all without cutting corners.

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At Locum Physicians United

We're more than a staffing agency

We’re your career partners. With decades of clinical experience, our physician-led team prioritizes your needs and skills, matching you with hospitals where you can truly make a difference. We’re committed to transparency and fair pay, ensuring that our doctors can focus on what they do best: providing exceptional care.

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Partner with us for access to a network of top-tier physicians who are ready to fill your staffing gaps without hassle. Our unique perspective as practicing doctors allows us to vet candidates thoroughly, ensuring that only the most competent and dedicated professionals join your team. With Locum Physicians United, you’re not just filling shifts; you’re elevating patient care

We only work with hospital systems and groups that value physicians and treat them fairly

Our Promise

We promise to uphold the highest standards of fairness and transparency in all our dealings. At Locum Physicians United, we treat our doctors with the respect and honesty they deserve, offering competitive rates without the common industry pitfalls of undercutting and overpromising. Our approach ensures that both healthcare providers and hospitals benefit equally, fostering environments where quality care thrives.

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We specialize in a wide array of medical fields and have some of the best facilities.

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Hospital systems we proudly serve

Geisinger health system in Pennsylvania

Tower health system in Pennsylvania

ChristianaCare in Delaware

Bayhealth in Delaware

One where integrity and quality lead the way.

Are you a healthcare facility in search of reliable, skilled physicians? Or a doctor looking for a fair, transparent locum tenens opportunity? Join Locum Physicians United today and experience a different kind of staffing agency.

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